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My name is Michael Kanter and I am the owner, knife maker, shop foreman and janitor for Adam Michael Knives.

I started making knives in 2000 for my then 2 year old son Adam.  The first knife I made was engraved with his name on it (Adam Michael) and the name just stuck.

All of my knives are completely hand made and hand ground without the use of any fixtures.  No pre-fabricated parts are used in the construction of my knives.  I take great pride in the quality of my knives and I guarantee each knife for as long as I am alive if it is used for its intended purpose.  They are not designed to be used as a screwdriver, hammer or pry bar so I will not cover any damage caused by misuse.  Cleanup is easy with soap and water. You can polish it with a deerskin wipe or use one of the many metal polishes available like Flitz Metal Polish.

The blade steel used on my knives is either BG42 or CPM S60V high performance stainless steel.  The edge holding ability of this steel is superior to almost any other knife steel but that feature comes at a price.  It is tougher to sharpen but can be done successfully with any of the good sharpening systems available today. (Lansky, DMT, etc)  I also offer free sharpening for the life of the knife.  I also use from Jim Fergusson, Devon Thomas, George Werth or any one else who can forge a good piece of steel.  My sheaths are designed to hold the knife securely without the need for a keeper strap and it will be a little tight until it is worked in.  It is recommended that if you will be storing your knife for an extended period of time that you store it OUTSIDE of the sheath.  If it is stored inside of the sheath condensation could get trapped in it, and that is no good for the knife or the sheath.

If you have any questions or problems whatsoever with this knife please let me know and I will do what ever is necessary to make you happy.

Michael Kanter, Adam Michael Knives

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